Flying Feild Availability

Fields 1 & 2  - The Main Field  [see map]
  • Available most weekday mornings and afternoons and usually Sunday Mornings.  
  • Weekends are the busiest times and many SSMAC members arrive at dawn and fly (and socialise) until 9:30am
  • SATURDAY availability is very limited.  Available for use BEFORE 8 am so remember to get up early!

Athletics throwing Area - The 'Alternate' Field [see map]

Athletics have provided flexibility for us to organise specific "CLUB" days whereby they will agree allow us full unobstructed use of the throwing area - Prior arrangement required.   The use of the long jump track at this site is never available or permitted for model aircraft use.


  • Used during any school carnival otherwise free to use
  • May get used for coaching after school from 4pm from time to time

  • Normally FREE to use

  • Saturdays - Little Athletics start setting up from 11am for the afternoon meet (May not be every Saturday)

  • Normally FREE to use
  • Seniors run a Saturday morning meet about 10 times over summer - Dates vary and setup can begin from 9am

The above information is not definitive. It is based on information provided to the club by the Sutherland Shire Council and Sporting users of our site.    VARIATIONS MAY OCCUR AND THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED TO ALLOW YOU TO BETTER PLAN YOUR FLYING - ALWAYS GIVE WAY TO ORGANISED SPORTING GROUPS

Sutherland Council permits only members and  of  SSMAC  to fly at these fields.

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